SEO Consultant (E-Commerce) in India

Neha Agarwal (Independent SEO Consultant, E-Commerce)

Why work with me for SEO Consultation?

I will give you three good reasons:

  1. I have an extensive hands-on experience in SEO. For 8 years, I am constantly working in SEO and have seen many phases and evolutions that happened in this field due to algorithmic changes by Google.
    Some of the large Indian sites in my SEO portfolio include (a travel portal), (targeted in USA & abroad for NRIs), (fashion e-commerce), (migrated to, retained & regained SEO value), Heads Up For Tails (luxury pet store chain),, etc. (Read more about my work experience in the end of this article.)
  2. Due to lower overheads and less number of projects taken than agencies, I am able to offer customized SEO Solutions at best prices. Besides my packages are highly performance oriented where the customer has the flexibility to pay-per-performance.
  3. I do SEO because my passion lies in it. While I have a fair understanding of Social Media and PPC as well, I don’t take projects for these online marketing channels.
    I only take projects where the business/industry interests me and I have the confidence of showing results. And if I work with you, I get very much involved in your business because I believe my business growth is directly proportional to yours.

Why shouldn’t you work with me?

I will again give you three good reasons:

  • I believe, it’s your business and I can’t sort it out for you from outside. And hence I will involve you, make you learn the basics of online marketing and even give you tasks to perform. Expect me to ask you for writing Linkedin articles, quora answers and blogs. Trust me, I am a hard task master. 🙂
  • Unlike agencies, I don’t send decorated work reports or frequent updates. Only reason being, I don’t have the man power to do so. And I want to invest my time in working rather than showing that I am working.
  • If you are not ready to make changes in your product i.e. your website. SEO now cannot be done in a SILO and technical SEO has become an important part of the strategy. And hence, hire me only if you are open to making product changes wherever needed.

How do I work?

I am equally happy to do all the work on my own, or to guide and mentor your team, if you’d like to keep costs down and become more self-reliant.

I have a virtual team hired basis the project requirements for certain tasks like off-page submissions, content development etc.

Write to me on and discuss your requirements.

What do I mean by Pay-Per-Performance?

When I say pay-per-performance, I don’t say I guarantee rankings. No one can..!!
Hiring someone like me who has hands-on experience in various e-commerce niches ensures right strategy and transparency throughout the project.
I know what to do and how to do it. I keep the mix of everything right and thus you are destined to get improvement. 

After Engineering, how my career happened to be in SEO?

I passed out as IT Engineer in 2009. Due to recession I struggled to get joining in the IT company where I was placed on-campus. And then I joined a five-seater web development agency in my hometown. Working there gave me a good understanding of websites development as well as Online Marketing.
After working for three years as SEO, E-commerce wave hit the Indian market. At that time, I got hired in the founding team at Jabong.

Jabong’s experience gave me an extensive exposure in working on big e-commerce sites. At this point, SEO was also starting to change as Mobile-First was becoming the strategy. And thus I worked on various areas of SEO including Technical SEO, Mobile optimization, App Store Optimization etc.

And then I moved to where I headed Search Marketing for a couple of years. By now I knew how Content & User Experience were two important levers to manage successful SEO campaigns.

In all these years, I worked on several consultation projects, given guest lectures not for money but to gain various industry insights. This has helped me make my SEO experience richer and grow faster.

Convinced to discuss your requirements with me? Write to me on

Need to know more… Here you go! Please check my LinkedIn Profile for more details about my professional experience.

The old-school way to modern SEO Engineering, I just know the right recipe and serve my clients something perfect for their business.