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Because Top Indian Bloggers are sharing their writing schedule with you!

Most of us are not full time bloggers. We get to go for our daily job, work or classes and have to follow daily routine to survive. Our lives are too busy. It really becomes difficult to take out time for our passion / hobby of blogging.

Personally time management for bloggingis getting harder for me with my 10 hours job, gym and cooking. So couple of days back I Googled “blogger Routines” and found a post by Darren Rowse” 14Bloggers Share Their Daily Blogging Routine”. I really liked the post.

So a sudden thought of asking the same question to established Bloggers of Indian Blogophere struck my mind.

As soon as I got the idea, I pinged them on Facebook (yes, I am lucky to have many wonderfully talented bloggers in my Facebook friend list). I asked them about their daily blogging schedule.

My question to these bloggers was same as that of Darren “Can you give us a quick snapshot of your blogging schedule – when do you do it? Do you have a routine or is it more spontaneous?

Bhartiya Grihanee

try to wake up early on most mornings to get an hour or two of blogging time before the family gets up. Comments moderation and going though links goes on all day, I leave them open in tabs to go through whenever there is time, during the day or occasionally late in the evening.

“With both my job and continuing education I choose to blog spontaneously. Blogging for me is very important to keep myself high in spirits but time has always been a concern. I would usually keep on collecting thoughts and save them on my phone and later pen down a blog post around the idea. I always try to post at least once a week if not more. I remember when last year I took the challenge on to ‘Post a Day’. It certainly became difficult for me to write almost every day but, I did manage to sail through that . Sometimes when I have a long weekend and no other plans I would write 3-5 posts and schedule them for coming weeks, it helps me greatly to have buffer time for upcoming posts. And I must mention that the most difficult time has always been when I had to write a post from my phone. This has not happened many times but when it does it is surely a difficult task. In such a scenario you would even find me having my meal and writing side by side. I also try to take some time off in office and write, but, what I have seem to understand is that I do not write well while I am in office.

Farida Rizwan from Chapters from My Life

Farida Rizwan
I do not follow a routine to blog, because my blog is not about any topic in particular. It is a personal blog, which is picked up from incidences that had an impact on my life. Along with that I do write some contests entries and reviews about products or books. There are times when posts come into my mind in torrents and I end up writing more than 10 posts a week, whereas on occasions I may not be able to pen down a single post in whole month. What I do is, go with the flow, write the posts but do not publish them. I give a gap between each post so that the blog has even flow of updates. When I am stuck and cannot write a post, I pick the one which I had written during the spree and post it then. 

Other than the reviews, even my contest posts are spontaneous. I may sit writing a blog at 4 a.m. in the morning, because if I do not write it down then, I know it is lost forever. There have been times when I decided to write a blog and sat in front of computer for more than 2 hours without being able to complete even two sentences. That is what blogging is for me… it is a thought process which I need to catch and put into words immediately.

Tom Thomas from Vanity Moments
Tom Thomas (Tomz)
Though the question is very interesting, I am stuck with no answer. When do I blog? When I have time? No! When I feel to do it? No! When I realize that I haven’t blogged for a long time? No! When I am provoked to do it by an internal inspiration? No! Then, when?
All over my blogging life I used to pass through two recurring phases: The first phase used to see a number of posts which all I personally feel as good and creative, appearing in a comparatively frequent manner. The second is the stagnation period, during which I used to struggle to write at least a few paragraphs.

Though I am lazy guy, nowadays my blogging is more like a routine than spontaneous. Since my posts mostly deal with my own daily experiences, I need to wait till something interesting happens. Despite of that, I keep the frequency of my posts at least two in a month.

Ritu Lalit               

Ritu Lalit

Blogging for me is spontaneous. When I began blogging, I used to write daily or at least every alternate day. Now I ensure that I have two or three posts a month … but that is all. I have no routine as such, but if I want to share something, I blog.
To me blogging is more of an interaction. I love to read what other people write and to interact with bloggers. So what I write is just a part of it, the other part – the more rewarding part, is to communicate with other bloggers via their comment section or through social media.

Jidhu Jose

I blog mostly in the evening time after my work. At that time I
can check other blogs too.

As a photo blogger, I don’t need much time for a blog post
compared to other bloggers. In the evening time, I am more
relaxed and can concentrate on the blogging world. I try to post a pic everyday on my blog and also participate in few daily photo blog challenges.

Radha Krishnakumar from Indian Beauty Zone

Radha Krishnakumar

I have a well-planned schedule for blogging, because I have 4 year old kid. I love Blogging very much; I am blogging for almost one year. When I started blogging it was very tough for me to manage my family and blogging. Later, I have decided to schedule time for blogging and for household things. I have banned myself from spending time unnecessarily in social Media activities; I found this is very useful in time saving. Here is my daily Schedule (may change sometimes)

I schedule my blogging time whenever I am free from my kid and household works. Mostly I take pictures, write and edit when my kid is out for his school, this is time is precious time for me every day for blog works. Other than this whenever I find free time I will utilize it for blog works, checking mails etc.

My Routine:
  • Workout and morning household works.
  • Free time for Blogging, I use this time mostly to take pictures for blog posts and publishing posts.
  • Afternoon Cooking and other works.
  • Free time for Blogging, mostly writing and editing works, checking mails and other updates
  • Evening household works and time for Devotion.
  • Before going to sleep I will check my blog posts and reply for the comments and checking mails etc. (Unless I do this night routine I can’t sleep peacefully.)

Stay Connected for few bloggers are yet to share their blogging schedule… Meanwhile do check “Making your blog brand-friendly

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