Here are some Insights from #LearnWithGoogle Event in Gurgaon

I attended #LearnWithGoogle Event day before yesterday (08 Sep 2015) at Google’s Gurgaon Office.
The event was organized for Business Owners, Advertisers and Publishers. Session was very useful and I want to share some non-technical insights for the benefit of all.

Internet Trends
Global Internet User Growth : 2.8B, +8% in 2014
New User Addition
  • China : +7%
  • USA : +2%
  • India : +33%
  • Brazil: +4%
Global Smartphone Subscription Growth : 2.1B, +23% in 2014
New Additions
  • China : +21%
  • India : +55%
  • USA : +9%
  • Japan: +5%
India vs. China
By the end of 2014
Total Internet Users
629 Million
232 Million
New Additions
31 Million
63 Million
  • China is largest Internet Market in the world 2014.
  • India topped New User Additions 2014
Internet Mobile Traffic India
  • Mobile accounts for 65% of India’s Internet traffic, a percentage only exceeded by Nigeria (76%).
  • ​Mobile also accounts for 41% of our ecommerce, ahead of every other country.​
(​Sunita Mohanty from Google Hyderebad shared these insights and told us the Reference which is Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends 2015 report)

Inferences for Digital Marketing based on Internet Trends 2015
  • In India, 65% of Internet traffic is from Mobile which means if you care for your business, you just can’t ignore targeting Mobile Platform.
  • Current average time a site takes to open on Mobile is 7 seconds but the ideal open time is 1 second. Speed is very important for your users happiness.
  • Check your mobile/desktop site speed using Google Page Speed Insights Tool
  • Search Console by Google has a very useful tool to check if your site is Mobile-Friendly. Take Mobile-Friendly Test
  • If your Mobile Site has technical issues or bugs, you can check using Google’s Mobile Usability Tool . Get the details from Search Console and fix.
Do you need SEO? (For Business Owners)

SEO is user experience. If you feel you can provide a good user-experience, Don’t hire one.
If you plan to hire a SEO, do check on the sites or projects he/she has worked on, prior achievements etc.  
Don’t simply outsource your SEO and sit back. Keep asking, understanding what SEO Team does.
Ensure you are aware of quality guidelines by Google so that you are aware of illicit practices and don’t let that happen for your online business.
Adwords Quality Guidelines (For Business Owners / Advertisers)
  • How to fix a disapproved ad :
  • How to fix a site level violation :
  • Feedback about AdWords Policies :

Adsense Quality Guidelines (For Publishers)

When creating content for your site, a general rule is to ensure that the content is family-­safe and legal. For more details visit:
My Personal Observation on Life at Google

It wasn’t the first time that I visited Google Office. One thing I love about Google’s culture is that their employees willingly does the tasks themselves. They don’t even think once if it’s a menial job. 
This time I reached one hour before the event registration. And what did I observe? Lots of things. One special thing was host didn’t even hesitate in picking up a dustbin and putting it somewhere else while bringing the white board in front. 
Is this a small thing? Do you do this in your office or need a help to set everything before your presentation starts? Think about it.

Note: I am reading “How Google Works” gifted by my CEO these days. And it’s such a wonderful read for all professionals.

Final Words:
In case you are a search professional, can join this webmasters community Moderators (Ashish Kalsi & Syed Malik from Search Team at Google) to stay updated.

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