In Conversation with Nicole Deinzer, Wonderful Blogger from Oakland, California

Internet has shrunk the World a billion miles. With new technologies and social in place, today its way too easier to connect with like-minded people across boundaries and geographies.

Well I think I was destined to land on the beautiful blog, Epifania by Nicole.

Nicole Deinzer, a blogger from Oakland, California who believes it is okay to not to go down a “traditional path” and sometimes it’s better to build your own path.
After reading few of her blogs, I knew what I wanted. I wanted to get in touch with the lady behind the blog. Without delaying, I shot an email to her. 🙂

And the beauty of technology is today I am presenting her inspiring blogging journey in Oakland on my blog in India.

©Nicole Moreno-Deinzer
What is Epifania all about?

In Nicole’s words, In life we learn who we are, what we are doing right, what we are doing wrong after ‘epifanias’. Every section on the blog is meant to showcase those many epifanias.

How Nicole’s Blogging Journey started?                                                  
Nicole: I had always written frequently since I was in seventh grade. I wrote everything from yearbook and newspaper articles to short stories and poems during school days.
In 2013 I found myself at a crossroad. My husband and I were planning our wedding and I was beyond happy that I was going to take this next step. But I was at a job that, although financially beneficial, took an emotional toll on me. During this time, I realized that I had stopped writing.
I wanted to bring this part of me back, so in 2013 I opened up my laptop and started writing about my wedding planning adventures.
That was the start of Epifania.

The Fear & How Nicole got over it..

Nicole: Initially just like most writers, I feared that no one would read what I wrote.
Sending out Survey to friends and key people in my network helped me overcome my fear..
To overcome the fear, I decided to do a survey. I sent survey to my friends and key people in my network. It helped me in two ways:
  • understanding their thoughts on my writing
  • what topics they expect me to write about

Based on this I made a few decisions.

1) Stick to what I know

No one is going to read anything you write if they think you don’t know what you are talking about. I continued to write about relationships because people trust in Nick (my husband) and my relationship.

2) created a content layout for my blog

Apart from relationships, I added book reviews because people in my close circle knew I read a lot of novels and biographies and thus I could do justice with the reviews.

Scaled ahead..

Nicole: After a few months, I again started to interview close friends. I was overwhelmed to look at the positive responses. People were very supportive of my blog and writing. I was pleasantly surprised when they said that they like my writing. 🙂
And then the online magazine Epifania ventured into fashion & style  when I started getting compliments on my own style.

©Nicole Moreno-Deinzer
The Most Important lesson learnt..

Nicole: Write what people think you are in an expert in.
I cannot write about parenting or homeschooling as those topics are not associated with my personal brand even if I think I have a lot to say about these topics.

Learning on the way..

Nicole: I have made mistakes along the way. I have written articles that were not true to my voice or did an interview but didn’t post the article. Oh so many mistakes, but it’s all a learning process.
Just the other night, I had to watch a video on how to use copyrighted songs in a YouTube video. Earlier this year, my sister gave me a tutorial on Snapchat.  Even if  you are not planning to create a business with your writing, you need an editor.
Each of my blog pieces go through two rounds of edits before they are published. Originally I did not want an editor because I was protective of my work, but having people look over my work and give it a second eye is as important as creating the right content to begin with. I never thought writing would take me this far. But it has. Always write. Always believe in your voice because no one else has your voice.
Final Thoughts on blogging..

Nicole: Everyone tends to think, blogging is just writing.  Many people think writers wake up and drink coffee and have a good time writing. But it takes a lot of energy.
Bloggers need to plan out content in advance . We constantly have to look at the metrics, network and build relationships with other bloggers, post on social media but make sure our message is tailored for each social media audience.
As bloggers we must accomplish all this while staying true to our own voice.
This may sound easy, but this is my creation. If I don’t pay attention to it 24/7, it will fail. There are days when I don’t feel like writing a damn thing. Days when family and school commitments get in the way. Days when I doubt myself or days when I just want to lay on the couch and cry!
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