It’s My Birthday Blog!

Its 12:35 AM, 8th Feb 2016. 

Goodbye 27, Hi 28! Only two years short of turning 30.
Age is just a number and I am Ok revealing it. (Not so girly? It’s fine, I never was.)
Time is going faster than ever. Never mind as long as it’s pleasant.
I couldn’t stop myself from writing this post which made me look back and think of good or not-so-good things happened in last one year. I realized I am one of the tremendously blessed child of God. I don’t spend lot of time with him yet he makes sure I get everything.
A Recap of Last Year
  • Professional Goals

    Got a decent growth which made the efforts put in career worth it. #FirstTimeHOD (Number 1 goal achieved. What next? Saving this for another post.)
  • Personal Goals

    a) Lost weight then gained weight – End result is I failed here.
    Need to start again from scratch.

    b) I understood it’s Ok not to fight every battle. How did it help? 
    It helped me save lot of my time and energy. I consciously started doing this and now I am aware from within. Hence passed this.

    c) Family Goals – Managed to keep up with the title of a doting daughter, adorable daughter-in-law and a good wife for another year. No major crisis hence passed it all. Besides this I didn’t have anything major here considering a big change in career.

             [God Damn, have you heard of striking a work-life balance?
             Me: Yes, I have.. but isn’t it supposed to be a myth? :p]
          d) I became far more organized this year.
But I feel this is somehow the outcome of a big career change #FirstTimeHOD.
I am now a morning person. And also try & do 90% of the things on or before time.    
          e) And I dare say I became a content Ninja this year.
Published highest number of posts (26) this year.
              This number includes content posted on my blog, guest posts and LinkedIn Pulse.
              Few well-appreciated posts were 1, 2, 3.
What do I wish for coming year
I am quite happy with the way this year passed and thank God for an amazing life.
Though like any normal human being, I still have a list of things which I want this year. However as someone said, “Set some goals. Stay quiet about them. Smash the shit out of them. Then clap for your damn self.”
So I roger the golden words for now.

What else?
Well happiness is being interested in big things and happy with small things.
I will keep loving, chasing and accepting whatever God has planned for me.
And now,
it’s your turn. Give me any random thought or update on life in comments.
Stay tuned. Thanks for reading till the end.
Wishing you a Happy Day. 

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