My Review of Dear Zindagi

Can we figure out why some people make the choices in life that they do? Not really. Because we don’t know what goes inside them. Because we don’t know their wounds and what hurt them.

Well, ‘Dear Zindagi’ is a film about real people. Real people, the ones who are not perfect. The ones who have flaws and can be impulsive, break down, insincere, vulnerable yet loving and ingenuous.

‘Dear Zindagi’ revolves around Kaira (Alia Bhatt), the budding cinematographer who is good at her work. She wants to be recognized for her talent and not because someone finds her hot. She looks confident but she has insecurities and thus her love life gets complicated. Finally confused Kaira seeks professional help from an unconventional therapist, Dr. Jehangir Khan (Shahrukh Khan). 

Here are the reasons of why should you watch Dear Zindagi..

  • It is not a typical Bollywood movie. The movie tries to put emphasis on the importance of mental health in the lightest and simplest manner.
  • His Gorgeousness Shahrukh Khan is in a very sober role and plays his age. Still he is looking so very hot.. when he is fixing the bicycles.. when he is sitting on the chair cross-legged, when he is listening to his patient so calmly, when he is playing with the waves on the beach… 😀
  • For the discussions that are witty and insightful.. For the lessons like playing with waves is not a game but life itself .. and beautiful dialogues like,
    o   Don’t let the past blackmail the present to spoil a beautiful future
    Genius is about knowing when to stop
  • The movie doesn’t judge Kaira or the men in her life. It simply tells that Kaira is messed-up.
  • And then the movie also tells why is she messed-up. There is a backstory to it. And when I watched it, I felt like getting the answer to why some people make the choices that they do. And, any real person in life can be messed-up. It’s not that a big deal.
  • Last but not the least, watch this movie for one of the best performances of Alia Bhatt. She played all the emotions very well.

Why you shouldn’t watch this movie

  • If emotions hurt you
  • If you have the habit of finding logic in every small thing. For example, Dr. Jehangir Khan tells about his state of profession while addressing quite mature audience in the hotel.
  • If you think expressionless jokes from Alia won’t make you smile
  • Last but not the least, if you usually disapprove any movie just because you find it cool to say that you don’t like SRK.. 😀

Overall it’s a good watch. I loved SRK in the film and without Alia Bhatt this movie couldn’t have been what it is..

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