Insignia Inox: Mumbai’s first 7 Star Multiplex Combines Technology with Luxury to offer Best Movie Experience

Inox Insignia Laserplex
When work takes you places, stop complaining about the hectic schedules. Instead, loiter, go, do the sightseeing, meet new people, make new friends. Because not everyone gets this chance and even you are also not going to have this privilege forever. This is what I have learnt from my work travel.
Well, I am in Mumbai for work these days and last week I received an invitation by Insignia Inox for an event. It was a launch event of gourmet menu curated by celebrity chef Vicky Ratnani exclusively for Insignia.
What is Insignia Inox
It is a luxurious seven star laserplex launched few months back in Mumbai, located at Nariman Point. Insignia, the signature movie experience is designed by INOX Leisure.
Insignia combines luxury with technology to give one of its kind, the best movie theatre experiences in India. The seven-stars as defined by Mr. Siddharth Jain, Director, INOX group of companies:


 Mr. Siddharth Jain, Director, INOX group of companies while addressing the media and bloggers
Mr. Siddharth Jain, Director, INOX group of companies while addressing the media and bloggers
      1. India’s First Laserplex
INOX Insignia is India’s first and only laser projection format offering best picture quality.
      2. Dolby Atmos Speakers
Experience the best sound with speakers even at the ceiling.
      3. 3D Screens
The brightest 3D screens bring movies to life.
      4. Comfortable Italian Leather Seats
The premium leather recliners with movabe tray, bottle holder and a USB charging port.
      5. Butler on Call
A single tap of button to receive personalised service
      6. Uniforms designed by Arjun Khanna
The staff at Insignia serve in lovely uniforms designed by celebrity designer Arjun Khanna.
      7. Exclusive Gourmet Menu by Vicky Ratnani Celebrity chef Vicky Ratnani curated a gourmet menu made out of local products reimagining global flavors.
My Review of INOX Insignia
The event was on a week day and I was confused if I should attend it or not. But later I decided to leave office a bit early and attend it. It’s not always that you are in another city and get an exclusive invite of such an event.
And it was totally worth it. Right from listening to Mr. Siddhant Jain, then Chef Vicky to watching the movie premiere of Naam Shabana, the event was fun and exciting.
The Movie Experience at Inox Insignia
The movie begun and it was becoming difficult to decide on what to admire more? Taapsee’s no makeup look, my super comfortable recliner with a blanket and a pillow to cuddle, the bright screen which made the movie look like a live show or the highest quality sound systems… 😊
The Food Experience at INOX Insignia
 What food options can you think of in a movie theatre? Well, various types of popcorn (I usually like to add extra butter and then feel guilty later), burgers, sandwiches, brownie, chips and more…
Insignia is changing the way people think of food options in a theatre. With Chef Vicky’s menu, you can replace your popcorn with healthy roasted Makhaana. Yes, Makhaana (fox nuts), the ones our moms serve us in evening snacks, especially when fasting during Navratras. They are rich in calcium and low on fats.
Other available options included corn on the cub (enjoy taking a bite from the cub rather than just eating the corn from a paper glass), hariyali biryani, Mumbai toastie (celebrating local Mumbai food) etc.
I loved eating ‘twice baked khichdi’ from the movable tray while lying on my recliner and watching the movie.
Overall it was a very royal and wonderful movie experience I ever had. And I now wish INOX 
Insignia soon launches in Delhi too.

Insignia INOX – Mumbai Address
Insignia Laserplex, CR2, Nariman Point
Ticket Price 
Rs. 950
How to book the Insignia ticket
Go to or download the INOX mobile App
Movie updates at Insignia Inox

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