Humans of Delhi – An incident that happened today and shook me!

This update is dedicated to #HumansofDelhi..

Around 8:30 AM, Vasant Kunj, today: I am on my way to office like any other week day, in a Uber cab.
Red-light and cab stops, light turns green and cab starts to move again. I am sitting with headphones in my ears and working on my laptop as I have an assignment to finish before I reach office. I am totally into the report I am working on.

Suddenly I realize that a grey swift dzire comes closer from my side of the cab and a man in police uniform is trying to say something. I remove the headphones and ask the cabbie if tyre has got punctured or something. He says no, and then we see the man is angrily saying something again. He asks the cabbie to park the car on the road side. Cabbie does and the police man parks his car too, comes out and starts shouting aggressively, asks the cabbie to come out of the car too.. I realize the matter, as per the police man, our cab touched his car’s side mirror when the light turned green and we moved..

The cabbie isn’t agreeing on this and so police man has the right to slap him.. And then while police man sees me in a begging kind of mode while sitting in the cab, ignores me and takes the cabbie to his car and then keep on shouting..

4-5 people are standing near by but no one says anything. I come out of the cab and politely try to ask police man to forgive the cabbie.. He doesn’t listen, probably I am not loud enough. I am scared and not prepared for this unwanted situation happening in the very morning.

And then he says to cabbie, ‘teri Maa mar gayi hai jo tujhe itni jaldi hai’ (Is your mother dead that you are in so much hurry).. I become angry by his words, cabbie looks in fear and then a man in his 30s, looking like a resident of Vasant kunj comes from somewhere and says, ‘Deewan ji, Kam se Kam Maa ko to kuch mat kaho’ (Cop, atleast please don’t say anything to mother).

And I too gather courage to say, ‘Sir please let him go’.. But this man asks me to be quiet.. And suddenly I feel that the police man perceives the situation that may happen next.. He sees around and probably realizes the anger in the eyes of 4-5 people who were standing but not saying anything..

He just murmurs something and goes into his car, drives fast and leaves the place.. I thank this man and asks the cabbie to start the cab.. I couldn’t work after that, tried to comfort the cabbie by a few good words.. But he seems stressed.. I am stressed too..

Honestly I am not sure if our cab touched his car’s mirror or not because I was too much involved in my report.. But cabbie still says, it did not..

Whatever it be, only because you have power, do you have the right to create this big a scene and even slap someone, abuse someone’s mother? Though I feel content because I see humans of Delhi do care. With time, they are understanding the need to stand for each other, help each other..
P.S. I couldn’t click pictures because I got scared.. I didn’t want the policeman to see me clicking the pictures and create a bigger scene.. But I will remember the name and face of this cop for long.. #lifelessons #humansofdelhi

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