Entrepreneurship Lessons from Bollywood Movie “Band Baaja Baraat”

Band Baaja Baraat’ is absolutely entertaining, Bollywood masala movie with love angle and ‘dhinchak’ songs. The movie was released back in 2010 and while watching the same on Doordarshan today, I realized that one can also draw some serious entrepreneurship lessons out of it:

Here are my takeaways from the movie:

1. A co-founder with complementing skillset is priceless to have

Team matters. A founder with an idea should choose an awesome executioner as co-founder and vice-versa. For example, Shruti in the movie, had an awesome idea but it became a success with Bittoo’s awesome execution.

2. Start early, start small. Dream Big.

Early failures lead to early successes. Starting small gives a market idea in low budget. Start small but dream big. Compete with big players. For example, in the movie, “Shaadi Mubarak”, the small wedding company, competes against large event company and wins because of the creativity, personalization and innovation.

3. Before first pitch its good to know your customer. Research well.

This is my favorite. As a marketer I always like to take interest in client’s overall business. This helps in offering personalized marketing solutions. Especially when attending the first meeting or doing that first call with the client, your research about client’s history, background and business aspirations show your seriousness in their projects and also build confidence. In the movie, the first big client questions ‘Shaadi Mubarak’ by calling it a young company. This is when Bittoo convinced the client with the story of how a young man became the ‘tyre king’. This story was of client himself.

4. Develop relationship with your vendors. Collaborate.

As an entrepreneur, you can’t afford to behave like a boss. You have to be a leader and earn people’s loyalty, by treating them equal, share happy moments with them. In the movie, both Shruti & Bittoo treated florist, caterer and DJ as their partners.

5. Be ethical.

Saving tax, not paying enough to freelancers are some ways we always think of atleast once, when we start up. But it’s not how the foundation of a strong business can be built. Shruti, in the movie, reminds us of this by being there and selling off her assets to pay to her vendors in difficult times.

What are your favorite movies based on ‘entrepreneurship’? Share your takeaways in comments. 🙂

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