Neha Agarwal

If you are reading my blog, you should know me the way I know myself. So here you go..

The obvious and not so interesting details (the road most of us traveled):
Qualifications :
IT Engineer
Profession :
Digital Marketing, SEO
Professional Achievements:
Star Performer of the year Award at Jabong.com, consistent SEO results
First time Head of Department (AVP – Search Marketing) at IGP.com with 6 years of experience
First time e-Commerce Head (This is my next Gig, going to happen very soon!)
Checkout my SEO Consultation Page (planning to take this in full swing now.)

Silly things I did and still doing..
1. I ran away from my school hostel. Because the school hostel had a glamorous environment (and I wanted to focus on studies. Huh!)
2. Here is how I dealt with Sexism (The Boldness Quotient)
3. These days I am shuttling between Delhi and Mumbai for work every fifteen days. (Who does this for fifteen days every month? This is insane specially when you are married. This has been the most adventurous roller coaster ride so far.)
4. I am soon leaving a well-paying job to try out a more challenging profile, and I have even taken a salary pay cut for the same. So while I am going to work more, I am going to be paid lesser.

My blessing in life..
I always feel I am a privileged child of God. I get to face difficult times in life like others but I have experienced problems changing to blessings several times in life.
Out of all the wonderful things, I feel giving me my husband is the way of God to tell me that I am very special. He is more a friend and less a husband.

My dreams..
I am a day-dreamer and a full-time thinker. Even when I am sleeping, I am kind of thinking and making plans. My dreams are unlimited and as a kid, my most special dream was to own a business. I think till now this is the dream I see, I feel closer to. I still dream to build, own and run a successful business one day.

I am a speaker and a listener too..
I will keep on talking or sharing things if you don’t interrupt me. But I would love to listen to you. Share your thoughts with me. Email me on neha.08feb@gmail.com